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About the 31-Day Blog Challenge – December 

A 31-day blog challenge can be a great way to spice up your blog and work on your writing skills.  Each day has a different challenge and in this 31-day blog challenge, you will be writing posts that are formatted as letters, recipes, vlogs, lists, poems, and regular content.  The idea is for you to challenge your writing skills and blogging skills by adding some new formats to your writing.  

What if this 31-Day Challenge- December doesn’t fit your niche?

The 31-Day Blog Challenge may not totally fit your niche, but you can always create a new category.  IWhen you create a 31-Day Blog Challenge for December category, your viewers can follow along for the month of December and can learn more about you and your blog.  Then, at the end of January (or when you choose), you can simply hide the category. All your posts are still there, but not open to the public anymore.  If you love some posts and want them to remain on your blog after January, just add more than one category.

How to Write the Posts for the 31-Day Blog Challenge – December

Think of your niche and fit the posts to meet your niche as best as possible.  Stay with your branding as much as possible. Remember, your posts should be about 500 to 1000 words, use titles, tags, and headings to that fit your niche and enhance SEO.  Add quality images to all your posts and remember to add alt text to your images. If you have trouble thinking of images, you can use and, to search for fun images that will fit almost any post.  If an affiliate link fits in the post, add it! For instance – When creating your favorite holiday movie review, add a link to Amazon for your viewers to click and buy.

Be creative and have fun!

30 Day Blog Challenge December

The 31-Day Blog Challenge – December

  • December 1 – Share your blogging goals for December.
  • December 2 – Share something that you accomplished this year that you didn’t think you could.
  • December 3 – Create a list of all the things that made you happy this year.
  • December 4 – Tell a story about your favorite holiday memory.
  • December 5 – Revive your favorite post from 2018 – Check it over – can you add new links? Images? Tags?  Change the wording? Then share on social media!
  • December 6 – Write a review of your favorite holiday movie.
  • December 7 – Create a recipe post on your favorite holiday dessert.
  • December 8 – Write a list of all the presents you would buy if money were no object.
  • December 9 – Write a letter to your children/spouse/parent telling them something that you want them to know about your dreams for them.
  • December 10 – Write a post to other bloggers giving them your best advice from your blogging experience in 2018.
  • December 11 – Create a playlist of songs that tell the story of your life in 2018.
  • December 12 – Share your idea of a perfect winter day and include a poem you wrote or a poem you love.
  • December 13 – Write a letter explaining what your holiday wish is for the world.
  • December 14 – Create a post about your holiday plans.
  • December 15 – Share your cleaning ideas for the holidays.
  • December 16 – Create a printable for the holidays.
  • December 17 – Share how you manage time during the busy holidays.
  • December 18 – Create a recipe on your favorite holiday savory food.
  • December 19 – Create a survey asking your readers what they would like to see from your blog in 2019.  
  • December 20 – Write a letter to yourself about something you regretted about 2018.
  • December 21 – Create a Vlog about anything that you want…be creative!
  • December 22 – Share your current bucket list for 2019
  • December 23 – Write a post about your favorite holiday traditions.  If you don’t have a favorite holiday tradition, create a new one this year.
  • December 24 – Write a post – If you could celebrate this Holiday with someone that has passed who would it be and what would you do.

Merry Christmas 31 Day Blog Challenge

  • December 25 – You have worked hard this month!  Take a day off and have a Very Merry Christmas!
  • December 26 – Write a post to recount your holidays.
  • December 27 – Create a list of your favorite 15 bloggers of 2018 and why you love their blogs, include links to their blogs.
  • December 28 – Recount your favorite trip from 2018.  You can do this by reviving an old post or creating a new post.  If you didn’t go anywhere in 2018, write a post on where you would have gone.
  • December 29 – Create a recipe post for your favorite appetizer for New Year’s Eve.
  • December 30 – Write a year in review post.
  • December 31 – Write a post about your 2019 goals.  These can be blogging goals, travel goals, life goals…whatever you wish!

3 Day Blog Challenge December

You can start writing today for you 31-Day Blog Challenge and scheduling your posts!

 Happy Holidays!

Or as I say, “Merry Christmas”

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