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Everyone creates goals!  How many times have you created a goal and did not follow through?  As a teacher, I would use SMART Goals with my students and in my professional life.  I found that SMART goals were easy to set, adjust, and monitor for success.  If you use this method you are more likely to succeed in setting and achieving your goals.  

In general, we set goals on general terms – I want to lose weight – I want to exercise more – I want to get healthier – I want to get rid of all my credit card debt – I want to monetize my blog.  These goals are great ideas, but they are also too broad.  The chances of you actually following through are slim.  With the SMART resolution’s method, it will make your goal attainable.

Always think SMART – SMART is an acronym for S-pecific, M-easurable, A-chievable R-ealistic, T-imely – Through this process you will create goals that are achievable. 

First, you should understand if you follow the M-easurable, A-chievable, R-ealistic and T-imely, you will get to the S-pecific!  

SMART goals are measurable

Measurable – In order for your goals to become measurable you have to make it concrete.  Think, how much? How many? How will I know I have accomplished the goal? When you set a measurable goal you will more likely stay on track, keep your momentum, and achieve the goal successfully.  For instance, I want to make money in 2018, becomes, I want to make $1000 in 2018 with my blog.  This is measurable!  I can measure the results in how much money I make.

Achievable – Now let’s think about our measurable goal – is it achievable?  Is it realistic to think I can make $1000 monthly blogging?  Reading all the information, they say it takes about two years to monetize a blog.  I do believe that someday, I will be making $1000 a month.  I do believe this is achievable.  Feeling better about that goal yet?  Just wait, we are not finished yet!

Realistic – A goal must be a something that you are willing and able to accomplish. Your goal can be set as high as you really think you can achieve.  Sometimes a higher set goal can be achieved easier because you will be more motivated to reach a higher goal than you might be a lower goal.  It all depends on your motivation, only you can determine how high you can set your expectation.  Let’s look at our goal again. Is it high enough?  Is it too low?  Realistically, can you make $1000 in six months?  Could you make more?  You might want to change the goal to meet your realism.  Currently, our goal is – I want to make $1000 a month blogging.  I am going a little higher – I want to make $2000 a month blogging.  Is it realistic? I am highly motivated to reach this goal, it is measurable ($2000), so it is realistic!  Oh, we are getting even more specific!

SMART Goals are Timely goals for your blog!

Timely – Is my goal set to a timetable?  To know if you have reached your goal you need to set a deadline to measure the results.  Will you measure at the end of the week, month, six months, year? Again, it is up to you. Should you change your measure and make the time sooner?  Again, it is up to you.  

I prefer short-term goals, I tend to get off track if my goals are far off on the calendar.  I tend to think… I have plenty of time, I will do it tomorrow.  If you make it sooner and reach your goal, you could add another SMART goal to achieve even more in the same year.  Or break down your goal into smaller goals.  Let’s look our goal again – I want to make $2000 a month blogging.  I can think of this in many terms.  Would it be easier to make $2000 a month blogging in one month from setting my goal?  In 2 months? In 6 months?  Keep it as $2000 a month in a year?  Now let’s change the goal so we know when to meet the goal.  I want to make $2000 by December 31, 2018.  This resolution is measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.  Now, let’s see if we are specific enough yet!

SMART Goals are Specific


Our original resolution:

I want to make monetize my blog.

Our SMARTer resolution:

I want to make $2000 on my blog by December 31, 2018.

Is this is as specific as we can get?  Well, not really!  We can do make a few changes to make it more specific. 

Do you want to make money or is it something you WILL achieve?  Many times it is as simple as a word that can help you accomplish the most specific resolution.  The word “want” is not firm, it is unresolved, unyielding, “want” leads one to believe you may or may not meet your resolution.  Let’s be more secure in our resolution!  We “will”!

In addition, how will you make this money?  You will need to specify these methods to help you break down your goals into steps.

Our SMART Resolution:

I will make $2000 a month on my blog by December 31, 2018, using affiliates, ads, and sponsored posts.

This Resolution is –

S – Specific – I will make money on my blog by using affiliates, ads, and sponsored posts

M – Measurable – I will make $2000 a month on my blog

A – Achievable – The data supports that I can make money on my blog and I am motivated

R – Realistic – I am motivated to take the steps needed to achieve this goal

T – Timely – I have set a date to make sure I achieve my goal in a timely manner.

You can use this on your blog, but you can also use this process with any goal; eg social media followers, losing weight, exercising, saving money, New Years Resolutions etc…

Remember – Start with your stated goal and then check to make sure it is SMART!

What will be your first SMART Goal?  

Download your free Smart Goals Worksheet for free!    Down Load Free Worksheet

Create a Smart Goals using the worksheet and share your goal in the comments! 


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