Mother’s Day is right around the corner.  I was trying to think of a post to write about Mother’s Day gift ideas.  At the time, I was going to write a post about what gifts to get mom.  Then I would add a bunch of affiliate links for you to click on, so I could make some money. While trying to think of physical things that I would want; I couldn’t come up with any good ideas. I buy myself whatever I want. Then, I was going to write a post about my mom and how much I miss her this year. That just made me sad and besides, this is a private matter between me and my God. So, I decided to go with what I know my mother wanted on Mother’s Day. Your gift to mom doesn’t have to cost a penny, but they need to be from the heart.

Five Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts:

Unconditional Love –

This is love that has no conditions, a love pure and the idea that you care about their happiness without getting anything in return.  Let’s face it, there are times where you want to strangle your mom. She may have said one thing that just makes you mad. Well, guess what, you have done the same thing to her.  She may have actually cried after something you said, it hurt her. Nevertheless, she loves you! You are her life, her soul, her reason to breath. 

Your Thoughtful gift – Let her know you love her unconditionally.


Time –

Spending Time with Mom is the easiest way to make memories that last forever.

Spending Time with Mom is the easiest way to make memories that last forever.

Yes, you have kids, jobs, hobbies, and a life and your time are precious, but find the time to spend with your mom.  My mom told me this and I just let it slide on by me. I always thought, there will be tomorrow, next week, next year.  Well, those tomorrows, weeks, and years are gone and now I am left with the guilt of not spending enough time while she was here. 

Your Thoughtful Gift – Call, text, visit your mom. Take her to lunch, dinner, the park as often as you can.


Compassion –

Your mother has been through a lot in their life.  Sometimes she feels broken. She has lost loved ones, jobs, and pieces of themselves.  Some days she is hurting inside, but strong on the outside.  She has moods and she is not as perfect as she wants you to believe.  She is your mom and she wants you to believe she is perfect, but sometimes she is not.

Your Thoughtful Gift – Be patient, show compassion when your mother is not perfect.


Trust –


Your mom raised you, she knows the ins and outs of being a parent. She knows you.  She raised you.  She has dreamed of helping you with life decisions. Her relationship with you is important to her, she needs to feel important in your life.  Your mom may not always say and do what you expect, but trust that everything she says and does is with your best interests in mind.  

Your Thoughtful Gift –  Ask for and trust your mothers advise.


Sharing –

Sharing is Caring


Your mom thinks about you at least twenty times a day! Maybe more, maybe less this is just an estimate, not an exact statistic. The fact remains, she thinks about you often! She wonders if you are happy with your job, spouse, life. She wonders if you need anything emotionally, socially, financially. She wants to be a part of big decisions, little decisions.  She doesn’t want to make them for you, but to help you understand them. She will not judge you. She just wants to be a part of your life.

Your Thoughtful Gift – Share your life with your mom.  Allow her to be a part of your life.


What more can I say? My daughter says you should never have regrets, life is too short.

At times I think…
I should have spent more time with my mom before it was too late. I should have had more patience with all her faults and show her more kindness and understanding. I should have allowed her to spend more time with my children and let her spoil them more often. I should have taken her parenting advice with a smile on my face, knowing that she thought I was the best parent in the world. Sharing my thoughts and decisions about life with my mom should have been easy and not such a struggle. Listening to her thoughts and memories should have been my pleasure, instead of rushing to get somewhere else…

Then I remember my daughter’s words, life is too short for regrets…give your mom these five gifts and there won’t be regrets later.

Oh yeah, flowers and candy are always appreciated too!


My mom and great-granddaughter – Miss her every day!  2/22/1936 to 8/10/2016

What will you do to show your mom some love this Mother’s Day?

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