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Understanding Pinterest in Easy to Read Bullet Points

A week ago I was a Pinterest Newbie!  I have learned so much and want to share my knowledge in a quick and easy format!

  • Pinterest is NOT social media – IT IS a search engine that uses images to attract your attention
  • Create a “Best of Board” to highlight your on-brand pins (more on this later)
  • Most searchers are women according to 81% of Pinterest users are females!
    • When creating pins you need to attract the woman population
    • Use colors and fonts that are attractive to females
    • Yes, men and businesses, even you need to market to women on Pinterest!
  • There are two reasons for a Pins
    • Exposure Pins
      • Gets your name out there
      • No need to click to read it right there on the pin
      • General Lists
        • Check Lists
        • Tips
        • Tables
        • Charts
        • Graphs
        • How to Steps

  • Click Through Pins
    • Drives Traffic to your Website
    • Generally not re-pinned
    • Withholds most information
    • Makes the reader curious to click and read
    • Grabs your attention

  • Make sure you are using attention-getting titles!
    • Ask the question, “What’s in it for me?” – Exposure – Make sure they will want to read the information given on the pin.
      • 10 Ways to Save Money on Shoes + a list of ways to save on buying shoes + I love to buy shoes and save money = Then list the 10 ideas on the actual pin  (no click necessary = just a re-pin for quick note)
    • Call to Action Click-through
      • Read More
      • Learn More
      • Watch Now
      • Start Now
      • Sign Up
  • Never use an image unless it is your own or you have purchased.  There are a few sites that offer free images for free.
  • Photos need to support a pin – Use high 
    • Dead space can be used to place text
      • Sky
      • Water
      • Wall
      • Table
    • Image should be congruent to your blog/website
    • Images with faces tend to do poorly
    • Images with colder colors (blue, green, purple) do not do well, red seems to do the best
    • Use the ⅓ rule – has a great article on this!
    • Focal point near the right or left of image
    • Use a program such as Picmonkey or Canva and find the Pinterest Template to make sure you are using the appropriate size for your pin
  • Fonts
    • Use legible fonts
    • Use a mix of fonts on the same pin
    • Use more feminine fonts on keywords
    • Use text effects to make your fonts stand out (i.e use white font and use shadow effect to make it stand out)

  • Join Group Board
    • Best group boards do not necessarily have the most contributors
    • Best boards are the ones that have a higher re-pin to pins ratio
    • To join most boards you need to send an e-mail, letter or direct message to join
    • Keep a spreadsheet of boards you have sent letters
    • Follow up if you are not accepted of never heard from the group board
  • Some programs make it easier to join group boards

Just keep working and pinning and you will have huge success!  Send me a link to your newest pin for me to re-pin!

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